The Curious Mummy Meets Author Kate Bodell

I love women doing it for themselves. So this week I am shining the spot light on the talented Kate Bodell, the author and illustrator of children's book Bumbelinda. We find out abit more about Kate, her inspirations for her truly wonderful book as well as who she would invite to her ultimate dinner party. There is so much to say about Kate so I’ll let you enjoy her fabulous interview.

The Curious Mummy Meets Little Amigos

Listen to customers feedback its fundamentally the most important thing for us, and keeping on top of the trends. If your not providing what the customers want, ultimately you don’t have a business. You have to be prepared to evolve with the times too, particularly with social media as it’s one of the best ways of keeping your business current and marketing it successfully. 

The Curious Mummy Meets The Cheeky Kitchen

The Curious Mummy Meets Irene the founders of The Cheeky Kitchen. A South West London’s cookery school designed especially for kids. Today, Irene shares her tips on starting a enterprise, how she finds the balance between Motherhood and running a business and lets us into her favourite family recipe.

The Curious Mummy Meets Honey Rocks London

The Curious Mummy Meets London sisters India and Hannah the co-founders of Honey Rocks. Honey Rocks is a family focused home and lifestyle brand, packed full of colour, inspiration and heart. Today Honey Rocks celebrate their one year anniversary and we talk to India and Hannah about their highlights, their tips on starting a business and their style predictions for 2018.

The Curious Mummy Meets Guinot Earlsfield

The Curious Mummy Meets Justyna Rostek the owner of Guinot Earlsfield.  Justyna's passion, determination and entrepreneurial spirit led her to starting her successful beauty business.  Today, Justyna shares her tips on starting a business, how she runs a successful enterprise and talks us through how she juggles motherhood like a Ninja.  Be prepared to be inspired by Justyna's truly amazing journey.

The Curious Mummy Meets Kings Tutors

The Curious Mummy Meets Emily Jack the founder of Kings Tutors. Emily's passion for  education, led her to starting one of the UK leading Private tutoring agencies. Kings Tutors provides academic tuition both in person and online to clients in London, the UK and across the globe. Today, Emily shares her tips on starting a business, how she runs a successful enterprise and who she would invite to her ultimate dinner party. Be prepared to be inspired.

The Curious Mummy Meets…. Jo Love the founder of Lobella Loves

The Curious Mummy is delighted to feature the incredibly talented Jo Love, the founder of award winning Online Marketplace Lobella Loves. A unique online space filled with gorgeous handpicked treasures created by independent businesses for babies, toddlers and mothers. Jo Love has built a business designed to make a difference and donates a percentage from every …

The Curious Mummy Meets Lucy from Claudi and Fin

The Curious Mummy HQ meets the creator of the award winning frozen lollies Claudi and Fin. Claudi and Fin was born after Mum Boss Lucy and her friend Meriel, struggled to find a ice lolly which contained natural ingredients, so decided to make their own. Today Lucy shares her tips on running a successful business and how winning a …

The Curious Mummy Meets… Anna Crowther of The Little Style House

The Curious Mummy Meets... Anna Crowther of The Little Style House The Curious Mummy Meets, Mum Boss Anna Crowther from The Little Style House. Anna was inspired to start her own clothing line after she found there was a gap in the market for gender neutral children's clothes. Anna shares with us her inspirations for …

The Curious Mummy Meets… Christina Pickworth from This Mama Does

Today, I am shining the MUM BOSS spotlight on the woman who puts a comedy spin on those everyday motherhood moments; the legend that is Christina Pickworth of This Mama Does. Christina talks about how a moment in motherhood led her to starting This Mama Does, we talk about how she juggles her career as …

The Curious Mummy Meets Charlotte Holmes from Fashion Brand Say What You C

Presenting incredibly talented Charlotte Holmes, the creator of @saywhatyouc; SWYC is a beautiful collection of personalised jewellery and accessories. Charlotte is a true Mumspiration after her passion, determination and entrepreneurial spirit led her to start this fantastic fashion brand. Charlotte's reasons for starting, echo why so many of us work for ourselves. Be prepared to be …

The Curious Mummy Meets Mumpreneur April of Prenderland Books

The Curious Mummy Meets Mumpreneur April of Prenderland BooksI love women doing it for themselves so this week I am shining the Mum Boss spot light on April Prendergast of Prenderland Books. April's passion for supporting children through their reading journey is truly magical; She is inventive, passionate and has bundles of drive. Not only …