The Curious Mummy Meets The Cheeky Kitchen

The Curious Mummy Meets Irene the founders of The Cheeky Kitchen. A South West London’s cookery school designed especially for kids. Today, Irene shares her tips on starting a enterprise, how she finds the balance between Motherhood and running a business and lets us into her favourite family recipe.

Organix for Kids, Organix for Life

Lets talk about healthy snack time for our children with Organix. Since I became a Mum almost four years ago, I have learnt that snack time is just as important as Breakfast, Lunch and Tea. Skipping snacks have led to mass meltdowns and the ultimate public humiliation which none of us Mums deserve. While my skin has thickened over time, I do try to avoid this at all costs. I’m really conscious over what my children eat but guilty at times of giving them the odd bread stick or chocolate coin.  I am human after all but making conscious food choices are important, particularly for my children's future.

Letterbox Wine Made My Week

It's Friday evening and I'm running on empty. It has been a challenging week and all I want is a hug and a deserving glass of wine. With no baby sitter in tow, a Friday night tipple is looking unlikely. I reach for my phone and send an SOS with the hashtag #sendwine.

The Curious Mummy Meets Lucy from Claudi and Fin

The Curious Mummy HQ meets the creator of the award winning frozen lollies Claudi and Fin. Claudi and Fin was born after Mum Boss Lucy and her friend Meriel, struggled to find a ice lolly which contained natural ingredients, so decided to make their own. Today Lucy shares her tips on running a successful business and how winning a …

Pizza Party

I was recently invited to Pizza Express', newly revamped restaurant in London's White City. I was amazed by it's stylish new decor, which is bright, bold and exuberant; with its contemporary flooring, pendant lighting, a welcoming new bar and a dedicated desserts area. It was decorated with abstract artwork, inspired by the 1908 Olympics which coincidentally …