Adventures of Chania and Beyond

Recently, we spent the Autumn half term in Chania, Crete and stayed atKianiBeach Resort (read more about our stay here). It was our first time visiting Chania and heard there was lots of see and do but had no idea where to start? The excursion team at Kiani Beach Resort, were extremely helpful in making some suggestions. We were recommended some amazing places and settled on

  • A day trip to the city of Chania,
  • A trip to Kournas Lake,
  • Elafonisi
  • An afternoon on a speedboat.


Chania, is the second largest city of Crete and lies along the north coast of the island. The city is home to a picturesque 14th century Venetian style harbour and a 16th century lighthouse. The bustling harbour is a tangle of fishing boats, yachts and white linen cloth restaurants. The backs streets are lined with pretty florals, rustic boho cafes and upmarket hangs. We all really enjoyed exploring it. Every corner felt like we were embarking on something undiscovered. Chania is wonderfully charming and exceeded my expectations and more. If you’re in Crete it’s definitely worth a trip. It’s approximately 25 minutes from Kiani Beach Resort by car.

Kournas Lake

What a magical place. It’s a total must, if you come to Crete. We spent an hour sailing on the lake and even spotted a Diamondback Terrapin bobbing along in the water. After a paddle we headed to a local Taverna for some traditional Greek food. Oh my, our taste buds were spoilt. The restaurant overlooked the lake so we got to take in the vistas whilst the kids took full advantage of the children’s play area. Happy days. Travel time is approximately 30 minutes from Kiani Beach Resort by car

Speedboat from Kalyves

Kiani beach resort organised a trip on a speedboat. We were picked up by taxi (organised by the hotel) and taken to a quaint harbour at Kalyves Beach. We were then met with the owner of the speedboat, who asked us where we would like to go. We had the option of going to a beach, a deserted island and snorkelling in some pretty coves. We decided to try the snorkelling and the deserted island. It was truly magical. Finn turned to me when we got home and said “Mummy, today has been the best day”. Travel time is approximately 10 minutes from Kiani Beach Resort by car


It’s true what they say about Elafonisi beach, it is one of the world’s best beaches. With white sand, the clearest green-blue sea you’ll ever see and pretty pink sand that graces the coastline. We spent the day, building sun castles and swimming in the sea. Elafonisi is a must see beach. Elafonisi, took approximately 90 minutes by car from Kiani Beach Resort. If you are travelling with little ones, there is lots of lovely sites to see along the way.

We hope you enjoyed our adventures. To find out more about our time at Kiana Beach Resort click here.

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