Let the good times be-Gin: Müllerlight Gin & Tonic inspired yogurt.


I love Gin and have been a fan of it for forever.

The last few years have seen it go from a nice reliable tipple to a mainstream staple. Gin is no longer just a drink. Its popularity for its refined taste has seen it make its way into our everyday food. Yogurt brand Müllerlight have created the first Gin & Tonic flavour fat-free yogurt. With two delicious flavoured recipes for you to indulge in – Gin & Tonic Flavour and Pink Gin & Elderflower Flavour.


The yogurts have a wonderful guilt-free element as they are

  • 0% Fat
  • Fat-Free
  • High in protein
  • Vegetarian
  • New thicker recipe.


What you are really wanting to know is how do they taste? Delicious!! They are rich in flavour and can be eaten on their own or with fresh fruit & herbs. I added raspberries and pomegranates to the Pink Gin & Elderflower flavour Müllerlight which turned it into a great dinner party pudding.

If you want to bring out the flavour of the Müllerlight Gin & Tonic inspired flavour, I would recommend Cucumber and a sprinkle of fresh thyme or an orange zest & a sprinkle of black pepper.


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