21 Things Only Motherhood Teaches You

21 Things Only Motherhood Teaches You

Motherhood. It doesn’t come with a manual, googling can’t really equip you for it and well Youtube has a lot to answer for. It can only really be taught on the job and here are 21 things motherhood has taught me.

1. You can survive on no sleep. Keep the light on and trick your body into thinking it’s daytime permanently. Or get a good coffee machine, you can thank me later.
2. The art of negotiation. You thought you were good before? Think again. Negotiating with children is a skill. Babies, toddlers, kids, teenagers are master manipulators & know how to get what they want. Beware mamas, this is a skill you need to get good at quickly.
3. Zoning out. You’ll learn this skill over time. I developed it when baby number 2 arrived. I’m totalling zen when the squabbling starts.
4. Patience. You will develop the patience of saint. You let things “go” a whole lot more than you did before you had kids.
5. Trust your instinct. Your usually right. Mum knows best. Remember that.
6. I now realise my parents were right about everything. Fact.
7. You love like no other.
8. You love your support network hard. You appreciate what your friends & family do for you so much more than ever.
9. You do everything you said you wouldn’t do before you had kids. Fish finger & frozen chips anyone?!
10. You multitask like a ninja. It is possible to drink a cup of coffee, fold the laundry and feed a baby at the same time #skills
11. Time. You realise you can’t do everything and now you learn to prioritise.
12. Night outs are awesome but nights in are just as good
13. You know how to have a hangover or not bother.
14. Enjoy being bored. It’s my favourite past time. Bring on doing nothing.
15. It’s important to have time out.
16. It’s important to make time for all the other loves of your life.
17. You will learn more than you will ever teach.
18. Sharing. Is not natural instinct.
19. Comparison. It’s hard not to do it but don’t. It will hurt you unnecessary. Every mum & every baby is different.
20. Baby brain is real.
21. Mum Guilt. We all experience it. It comes with the territory. Remember you are doing the most amazing job ever!

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