10 Things I Wish I’d Known About Potty Training

10 Things I Wish I’d Known About Potty Training

1. The only way is bribery (the sooner you learn that about motherhood, the easier your life will be). Reward charts, chocolate, the entire floor of Hamley, use whatever tactics you need and feel no guilt.
2. Potty training regression is real..which leads me nicely to my next point.
3. Do not leave your tot alone.

4. Never forget your child’s favourite pooping area.

5. Never forget your child’s poo face. It may be the only thing that gets you through this milestone.

6. Asking your tot every two minutes if they need the toilet just irritates them. Take them to the toilet with you or let them tell you.

7. Never leave home without a portable potty

8. Never leave home without 263674 changes of clothes

9. Never leave home without something to put those wet clothes in.

10. Talking shit💩. Well actually that is all you will talk about until the whole saga is over.

The end, thankfully.

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