How to Make A Classic Halloween Costume Truly Unique.

How to Make A Classic Halloween Costume Truly Unique.

There is no limit to how much fun you can have when planning your little ones Halloween Costume. Whether you are putting your own twist on a shop bought costume or making an outfit from scratch, the creative possibilities are endless. Depending on how young your little one is, they may need a little help, so here are a few ideas to make a classic Halloween costume really stand out.


Witchy Witch

Why not make this year’s witch a little more colourful by replacing those fiendish warts with Girl Zone’s face glitter. These gels are non-toxic and very easy to wash off. Replace your Halloween shop bought wig and use hair chalk by Girl Zone. The hair chalks are easy to apply and the colour is temporary and can be washed out using shampoo. Add Girl Zone temporary tattoos to hands, arms or cheeks to give your witch a little edge.


If there is a Witch, a cat is not far behind.

Creating a cat outfit couldn’t be simpler. Just use a plain black top and black leggings or tights for the base of your costume. To make a tail, use a pair of black tights, stuff one leg with old socks and the other leg as a belt and hey presto you have a tail. Draw on whiskers and a shiny black nose using eye liner or face paints. Make the nose and whiskers sparkle with Girl Zone’s Face Glitter.

Add a flash of colour to those cat clawers with the Girl Zone Nail Art set. Your little one can use the 3 in 1 nail art pen to paint, dot & draw and can add sparkling nail gems or stickers.


There is nothing more frightening than a zombie Mummy. Wrap your little ones in white bandages or toilet paper. They will love it. Paint around their eyes with black face paint and the rest of their face with white face paint. We use Face Glitter Gel by Girl Zone to add a little sparkle. The Face Glitter Gel can be used on your little ones hair too.


Make your own costume using green tights or leggings coupled with an orange top. Add a selection of colour chalks to your little ones hair and let your little ones become a Rainbow pumpkin.

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