Wild Plum Ice Cream Pudding

🍁Wild Plum Ice Cream Recipe🍁

The season for plums is in full swing. So if you fancy a fun activity for the kids, why not take them fruit picking and the make some deliciously tasting ice cream with your pickings.


400 g. wild plums

300 g. caster sugar

200 ml double cream

200 g. plain yohurt

2 tsp. vanilla extract


🍁Place plums into a pan, along with a dash of water and cook on a high heat & then slimmer until plums are soft.

🍁Gently pour into a sieve, pushing through as much as the juice as possible and then return juice to the pan.

🍁Add sugar until dissolved. After a few minutes the plums will resemble a syrupy purée. Take off the heat and let it cool. Leave for a good hour.

🍁Add the double cream to your plums and whip until smooth, then add the yoghurt and vanilla essence.

🍁Pour into a freezer container and freeze.






Ice creams bowls & spoons supplied by @ekobo_official

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