Little Dish, Proper Food For Kids

The summer holidays are in full swing and I’ve been chasing my tail ever since. Anyone else with me? A time management course and an extra pair of hands would not go a miss as we race from playdates to activities. Its non-stop. Last week, I had a disaster with meal times. On one evening, tea was served an hour late after I miscalculated the cooking time on the slow cooker,and an impromptu play date threw out plans for a cosy tea time for two and was instead replaced with a rowdy, slightly beige tea for four.

With time in short supply, I have been looking at ways to make the week days a little easier, starting with meal times. I am a big believer in giving my children freshly prepared, home cooked meals,but I am also realistic.


Little Dish was started by a mum, Hillary Graves, after noticing it wasn’t possible to buy healthy, fresh meals for toddlers, and so she set about creating a range of nutritionally-balanced, nutritionist-approved meals that lived in the fridge and not in the cupboard. Made especially for toddlers this is ‘proper food for kids’, allowing for texture as well as taste.

The Little Dish range include tea time favourites such as Fish Pie, Pasta Bolognese, Shepherd’s Pie, Mild Chicken Korma, Chicken Risotto, and many more. I love that the range includes vegetarian meals, and those made without wheat and dairy too. Made using 100% natural ingredients, they contain no added salt, sugar, additives or preservatives and all meats and fish are sustainably sourced.

But what we really want to know is; how do they taste and would you eat one yourself?The short answer is – they taste delicious and yes, I have!


We have been big fans of Little Dish since my four year old was a one year old. It was the only brand he would devour without any fuss. He is very particular with food and is reluctant to try new things. However, I truly believe that Little Dish has helped us to expand his repertoire of flavours and keep his diet varied because the meals are so tasty. The Fish Pie is a big hit in my house and an easy way to get both my children to eat fish without the fuss.

Little Dish use a range of healthy ingredients allowing children to experience different flavours. I love the Butternut Squash used on the Chicken Pie and the creaminess of the Korma. In fact, your little ones need never miss out on ‘curry night’ as Little Dish have created a mildly spiced sauce which is perfect for young palettes, using mouth-watering ingredients such as mango, turmeric, coconut and sweet potato.


For me, I love knowing that it is possible have a nutritious, balanced meal on the table in a matter of minutes, and one that my children will eat.

With meal times covered, hopefully this summer will be a little calmer!

These yummy meals can be found in the chilled meals section of Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons, Waitrose and Ocado.


This is a sponsored post but all views are my own.

If you wish to find out more about Littledish, head over to their website at

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