The Curious Kids Book Club: BumbeLinda by Kate Bodell

In today’s Curious Kids Book Club, we review quirky fairytale Bumbelinda, written and illustrated by Kate Bodell.

The fairies that you and I know are the teeny tiny ones, which are covered in sparkly fairy dust and make happy wishes come true. We love those fairies, but they aren’t much fun and are just abit too girly for Finley (4) and Olivia (2).

Bumbelinda is not your typical airy fairy type, she lives at the bottom of the garden in a smelly grotto, filled with creepy crawlies and nasty smells. She’s not keen on pink and her wand is a fly swat. She has “wonky wings” and a “tu-tu that’s gone poo poo”. Her job is to grant meanie wishes. So, when she meets the little girl who lives at the top of the garden, Bumbelinda’s unfairy-like ways are set to change. The story is filled with fun, friendship, bottom bubbles and a few funky smells too. It will have your children giggling throughout and you are guaranteed to be grinning from ear to ear too. This page turner takes an unexpected twist which kept Finley and Olivia hooked until the end.

The narrative is wonderfully descriptive and will capture little imaginations from the very beginning.

Bumbelinda is beautifully illustrated with lots and lots of detail. The animated illustrations are a great partnership for the language and help bring the story to life. In fact, you won’t want to put it down.

We absolutely loved Bumbelinda and truly hope we will be seeing more wonderful books from this talented author.


Kate is offering The Curious Mummy readers a discount off her fabulous book. Just drop Kate an email on to order your copy now.

Stay tuned tonight as we will be giving one lucky reader a signed  copy of Bumbelinda and a unicorn print created by Kate Bodell. To enter, head over to The Curious Mummy instagram or facebook page to enter. Giveaway starts tonight at 8pm.




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