Today’s Thought: Strong Girls Club

Strong Girls Club💪🏼

Whilst on holiday, a little girl ran over to her Mother; she was crying and her mother said “repeat after me, you are a strong independent woman”, she wiped her tears away and the little girl giggled and ran off.

The conversation really stuck with me and wondered how you would go about raising a SIW and does repeating the mantra really work?
Olivia is in the throes of her ‘terrible twos but I wonder how much of that is her twos or is it her being a second child or her actual personality?
I’ve taken a relaxed parenting approach second time around because well….I’m a bit more chilled out (#tired) and let’s face it, there are two of them and only one of me so they win. In truth, I want to raise a strong, independent woman (SIW) and a strong independent man (remember I have a boy too) who are confident in every aspect of their lives without turning into something from the @dailymail celebrity pages.

Olivia will never hesitate on what she wants to do or what she wants to wear or how she wants to be – she just owns it! While that can be a challenge when your trying to get out of the door for a appointment, it lovely to see that she is making her own choices. I really do encourage that.

I guess raising that strong independent woman will be a journey for both of us but I will encourage her like my Mum did for me. I believe surrounding her with role models and having rounded perspective on things is a good start.

I love that @katewinslet_ will stand her daughter in the mirror and say ‘We’re so lucky we’re curvy’ to promote body confidence. I have no mantra, but do I need one? Does a mantra reinforce a message or highlight an issue?

I would love your thoughts on this.

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