Letterbox Wine Made My Week


Throw back to last week…

It’s Friday evening and I’m running on empty. It has been a challenging week and all I want is a hug and a deserving glass of wine. With no baby sitter in tow, a Friday night tipple is looking unlikely. I reach for my phone and send an SOS with the hashtag #sendwine. There is no response. Argh! It is almost the children’s bed time and my wine glass is empty…

Then a cuboid box parcel is delivered through my letterbox.  What can it be? 


I open the parcel, to discover a 75ml bottle (standard size bottle) of Letterbox Wine. Can you  imagine my excitement, I was delighted. The wine bottle was beautifully personalised in a rose gold foil to match the wine and most importantly it was filled with a deliciously tasting fruity crisp Rose. (Both Red and Wine are available too). Accompanying the bottle was a 16 piece collection of handmade chocolate truffles. They were heavenly.


I felt truly loved. It was the perfect gift to end my week.

You are probably wondering at this point how a standard bottle of wine was able to fit through my letter box. Well, the bottle is rectangular shaped and designed purposely to fit through a standard size letter box, with the thickness similar to a hardback book. So no excuse for the postman to hold onto it. The bottle is made of PETG which makes it recyclable too.


Inside the box was an insert with some recommendations on how to drink and store the wine.

I was blown away by Letterbox Wine. It is a wonderfully unique gift idea, perfect for Mothers days or any other special occasion. To find out more head to  Intervino  or  HERE to access the shop.


Website Intervino




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