In today’s Curious Kids Book Club, we are featuring a new edition to the Mr Men Collection,  Mr Men: My Sister by Roger Hargreaves and me.

About Mr Men: My Sister

My Sister is a captivating read about what makes your sister special. It uses characters from the Mr Men and Little Miss collection to express all the lovely reasons that makes your sister great.  Each page is filled with brightly coloured illustrations to capture little imaginations and to help bring the words to life.

Why We Like Mr Men: My Sister

From the moment we opened My Sister, it brought a warm smile to our face. It is bright and filled with bundles of personality.

The illustrations are fun, animated and capture the essence of a cheeky sister. As we turned each page we were met with a thought or an action of how Finley’s sister Olivia is. The book is really relatable and it had us giggling from start to finish.

We loved the personalized section at the back of the book as it allowed us to continue talking about why Finley’s sister Olivia is the bees knee. By the end of the story, Finley was grinning from ear to ear about his little sister. It also helped him appreciate all the reasons why he should be proud of his sister.

The book will make a useful tool should the usual sibling frustrations develop between them.

Unlike the regular Mr Men and Little Miss books, this is quite a lot bigger which is great for sharing. After I read the story to Finley, he wanted to read the book to his sister which was lovely to see.

The book is suitable for 3 years old and upwards.

Click HERE to buy your copy of Mr Men: My Sister

To find out more head to the official Egmont website or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Thank you for reading The Curious Kids Book Club. We read, review and recommend. I hope you enjoyed today’s edition.


Team Curious x

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