Welcome to the 2018 first edition of The Curious Kids Book Club. This month the Curious Kids are enjoying some good old fashioned rhyming fun with Oi Frog, partying with How Many Legs? Enjoying a warm tale by Tola Okogwn’s Daddy Do My Hair and much more.

We read, we review, and recommend. Enjoy!


Daddy Do My Hair? Beth’s Twists By Tola Okogwn

On Sunday after dinner, Beth asks her Daddy to braid her hair. They use this special time to tell stories, talk and sing songs. Daddy Do My Hair captures the wonderful relationship between a Father and his daughter. It’s beautifully warm and brilliantly familiar. There is a delightful rhyming element which adds a touch of magic to the story. My children love it and always ask their Daddy to read this story. The illustrations perfectly compliment the depth and the warmth of this story. The children thoroughly enjoy this story and we would recommend it over and over again.

From 18 months and upwards


Blown Away By Rob Bidduloph

We are huge fans of Rob Bidduloph, so when we saw Blown Away in our local book shop we couldn’t wait to read it. Penguin Blue and his friends go on a surprise adventure, after his kite blows them across the world to a foreign land, where the air is hot and the land is green. (Remember Penguins live in cold climates) The book is filled with imagination and will captivate your little reader from the very beginning. The illustrations are bright and bold and help bring the story to life.

From 18 months – 5 Years


My Friend Clyde By Jason Kendal

My Friend Clyde is a wonderfully written story, with a strong moral message about the importance of treating others with respect and accepting people for who they are. The book is aimed at 3-7 year olds and my 4 year old loves it. He enjoyed leafing through the brightly coloured illustrations and was captivated by the rhyming prose. The anti-bullying message was thought provoking not only for Finley but for me as an adult. The book encourages a discussion at the end of the story, with a list of questions to help carers to explain why bullying is wrong.


How Many Legs? By Kes Gray and Jim Field

How many legs would there be if in this room there was only me?” It’s the same question that reoccurs over and over again, as more guests arrive at the party. How Many Legs is counting fun, filled with bags of personality. With so many interesting characters you cannot help but to lose count. Beautifully illustrated with bright and engaging pictures.


 Oi Frog By Kes Gray and Jim Field

‘Oi Frog’ is rhyming fun at its very best. We listen to Cat discuss with Frog on where all the animals should sit. It’s fun and ends which an unexpected twist. Finley is learning phonics at the moment and found this book great for developing rhyming sounds. The story is easy to understand for little listeners too. The illustrations truly bring this wonderful book to life and add to the personality of the characters. Oi Frog gets a big thumbs up from us and we would recommend it time and time again.


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