Last week, I threw myself into a soft play session with my almost four year old who thinks he’s fourteen and my shouty eighteen month old. Oh it was fun and games but I did come away with some lessons learned.

1) Try to time a session at a soft play centre when all schools are back (you may need to research this) & if you don’t well good luck.

2) Go to soft play in your gym kit. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can sit on the sidelines devouring your frothy skinny latte in peace. You will be pulled into ball pit and pushed down a 8ft slide before you can say “I’m a mummy, get me out of here”.

3) Never go to a soft play centre outnumbered by your own children, unless you have arranged a playdate with another family. Us adults need to stick together, saftey in numbers and all that.

4) Always have a change of clothes & plenty of wet wipes. Never be surprise by a rogue poo at the top of the slide. It takes ages to get up a slide and sometimes it might be a quietest place in the whole of a soft play centre. A friends little boy was covered in poop after he slid down the 8ft slide in another child’s poo. Apparently a common phenomenon.

5) The above can be applied to the ball pit too.

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