The Curious Mummy Meets Essex Mama



The Curious Mummy Meets Essex Mama

Happy New Year!

The Curious Mummy is starting the new year with a dash of sparkle and a sprinkle of empowerment as today we have a very special guest. A woman who proudly adds a sweet sassy style to the girl gang. She is hugely talented and has a great entrepreneurial spirit, its the one and only Liz from stylish mama lifestyle brand Essex Mama.

Liz talks about how a little wardrobe evaluation and an Instagram post led her to starting her successful business. She shares her tips to starting a business, why nothing is forever and why you should live in the now. Be prepared to be inspired.





Thank you so much for joining us on The Curious Mummy Meets, we are delighted to have you. Please tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Liz, founder of Essex Mama, mother of one & partner to another. I live in Southend On Sea in Essex – strangely enough.


Tell us about Essex Mama and what gave you both the idea to start?

Essex Mama happened by accident. It wasn’t planned & aside from parenting, it has been & continues to be the biggest learning curve ever. It amazes & daunts me every day – but in a good way. It came about in March 2016 when I wanted a t-shirt with the slogan ‘GIRL GANG’ on it. I could only find one on an American website which was old & out of stock. I happened to have a craft machine that allowed me to cut vinyl t-shirt slogans that I could iron on, so I did just that. One selfie later & people were messaging asking where I got it. So in May I set up a website & started selling them.




Describe your typical day?

I work part time & my son is not yet at school so I juggle parenting, retail work & Essex Mama tends to happen in the evenings. It’s exhausting, I wont lie, but it’s not forever.


What would you say the most important thing is in running a business? What has been the greatest lesson you have learnt?

Faith, have faith in yourself. Learn from your mistakes & your successes


What has been a highlight of your career to date?

There have been a few, but I have to say one of my fondest moments was when the incredible Clemmie & Simon Hooper (aka @motherofdaughters @fatherofdaughters) wore my t-shirts for a photoshoot with their 4 daughters. It’s just such a strong representation of my brand & an awesome family photo, I was so grateful to them for choosing my tees.



What do you think it takes to be a Mum Boss?

I would say sleep, but that never happens with my son!! Doing what you can & when you can. It’s so easy to feel the mum guilt, so if you have to  spend a day working & letting Peppa Pig entertain the small people, then be sure to plan a day of fun for you all. You all need to let loose & make memories, nothing is forever so live in the now.




How do you find a balance between running a successful business and raising a family?

It’s hard but I try to plan ( I am by no means the best at this!) my time, work time & family time. I am still learning but knowing my little boy will be at school in September gives me an end goal for what I can achieve now & what needs to wait.


After work, how do you find time to relax?

I don’t often relax, there is always something that needs doing especially with printing tshirts in the evenings. I guess I tend to collapse on the sofa with my very patient & supportive partner and then relax.




What are your top five tips for starting a successful business?

  1. Persistence & courage,
  2. Stay in your own lane – never copy
  3. Focus on what you want
  4. Learn from your mistakes
  5. Build your support network


If you were to host the ultimate dinner party and you could invite anyone in the world, who would be on your guest list?

Beyonce, Micky Flannagan, Jennifer Lawrence, The Scummy Mummies (literally the make me die with laughter) my other half Norman – all the inspo & bants!



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