When I Discovered The Qure

Since the cold and flu started, we have had one hospital stay, several telephone conversations with NHS Direct and atleast two trips to the GP. While I am a huge supporter of the NHS, we understand how over stretched a resource it is and only make GP appointments if it is absolutely necessary. Getting an appointment can often be a battle and nine times out of ten,  we are unnecessary sent to A&E.

So we recently made the conscious decision to use a private GP. When we began looking into this, we found private healthcare was rather costly with registeration fees, consultant fees, excess fees and not as simply as paying for an appointment with a GP.

With further research we discovered Qure. An app, where you only pay for your appointment, so no hidden registration payments, monthly or excess fees and the best bit is, the GP will come to your door within two hours. We used the service for both children on two separate occasions and have been thoroughly impressed with the service. On the first occasion, it was typically a Friday evening. We requested a GP appointment and shortly after the request was made, we received a SMS acknowledging the request, then received a telephone consultation. The consultation was with a trained doctor who gave us the advice go to A&E. Their prognosis was correct and hospital treatment was required. So we were grateful that we didn’t wait days for a GP appointment where things may have become more critical.

The second time we used the app, we requested a GP visit, received an SMS and a telephone consultation and then a GP arrived at our door within the hour. The GP was warm and put us all at ease. She completed a thorough examination and explained her diagnosis. The great thing about the visit was, I didnt have to leave the house so both my children were undisturbed by it.

The service has made getting medical advice so much easier as there is no more waiting hours at a GP surgery with both my children in tow or battling to get an appointment. Requesting a consultation or a GP visit has been made simple as all you need to do is press a button, rather than make a telephone call or write an email. Qure operates twenty four hours, seven days per week so you have the assurance that you have medical care as and when you need it. Also, the overal costs are considerable less than a standard private GP and there are no additional fees or excess. The service also provides vaccinations, and a medication delivery service. At present this Qure only operations London’s Zone 1 and South West London but I hear they are expanding this.

We are thoroughly impressed with how easy and efficient Qure is. It has made obtaining medical care effortless.

Click HERE to find out more about Qure


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