Memories of Growing Up

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Check out Finley, measuring his height against his Prehistoric Tall Tape. He is bigger than a Lamaceratops and almost the same height as a Stegosaurus. Who Knew!

A few weeks ago, Finley asked if we could measure his height. My initial thought was lets measure him against the door frame, as we did as kids. Then, my practical boots kicked in and I realized that we may not live here forever plus we have just had the house repainted. So I decided to look into a growth charts which Finley could take with him where ever he goes.

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The research began and I discovered Memories of Growing Up. A company dedicated to producing keepsakes such as growth charts, Memory sticks and jewellery which document your family’s memories. The very same company who won the Junior Design Award 2016 and Made for Mums Award 2017.

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The growth charts are portable which is perfect if you wish to keep it as a keepsake and they come in a range of different styles. Finely has the Prehistoric Creatures Tall Tape and Olivia (who we are yet to measure as she wont stand still for more than a second) has the Wild Animal Tall Tape. Each tall tape is two metres in length, which means they can record your child’s height until they reach adulthood.

It comes with a miniature Sharpie marker and a sturdy plastic case. Both my children love the illustrations as they are beautifully detailed and colourfully eye catching. The tall tapes are really reasonable priced and make the perfect gift or stocking filler too.

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We look forward to adding to the tall charts in the coming years and making it a keepsake which Finley and Olivia will treasure forever.


Disclosure: The tall tapes were compliments of Memories of Growing up all for purposes of this review. All opinions within this article remain my own.


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