Laundry, The Never Ending Story

Laundry, The Never Ending Story

I am a Mum, which is an umbrella title for;

  • Director of Laundry
  • Head Chef
  • Grocery Buyer
  • Chief Bum Wiper
  • Chauffeur
  • Hallway Prefect
  • Teacher of life
  • Cheerleader
  • Emotional Blanket

You get the picture. I’m a busy parent of 2.5 children (the 0.5 is my husband), time management is essential in running this household.  Though there are things in life that you cannot rush like the dishwasher, ironing your 16 month old daughter’s pleated skirt (why did I think it was a good idea to buy a pleated skirt) or the wash setting on your washing machine.The reality of completing these tasks are often at the compromise of the kids play time or my lunch time.

Making such compromises for the seven loads of laundry per week, is the most annoying. Sadly there is no way around it. One member of the Curious family has more than one outfit change a day, which often means that our washing machine is used daily.


With all the extra outfit changes, our poor washing machine has started to smell like a 24 hour hangover, well I guess it had seen more smelly baby grows than a public baby change. So, we have decided it was time to get a new one but where do you start? Technology has moved on so much since I bought my last machine so I am in a state of confusion. In an ideal world, I would like;

  • Not to spend days (and I do mean days) “doing the laundry”. My children aren’t at school yet and I want to spend as much time with them as I can.
  • Daily wash loads, which won’t compromise the lifetime of the machine.
  • Energy Efficiency– saving the pennies and the planet is a must.
  • Low Noise. Our current machine sounds like it is about to take off, so putting an overnight wash on, is not an option.

Not a must but would be a bonus to have

  • Washer Dryer (some girls can dream. Although in fairness, how will I get a washer/dryer past the hubster?)
  • The dryer to have an iron function

Not the most extensive checklist but one which can help me manage my time more efficiently.

After hours of trawling the internet, I discovered Beko. Beko have a pretty cool range of washing machines, all with the promise of a 28 minute cycle. Let’s quantify this by the power of the Troll Movie; the movie’s running time is 92 mins in length, so that’s three loads of washing and time for a cuppa tea. This mama could be winning at motherhood. Looking at the features more closely, I can see that it washes up to 8KG in washing, which in mother terms is a heavy load (that is roughly 40 shirts or a lot of baby grows.) I am sold, Hello Beko it’s time to make you an honoree member of the Curious household and that is what we did.

It’s been 4 days since we welcomed our Beko Integrated Washer Dryer 8KG Capacity into our home and we are delighted. The 28 Minute wash cycle is a dream and great for heavy loads. I washed 4 laundry loads using the 28 minute cycle and none of them needed rewashing. Joy! I also discovered the 14 minute wash cycle, which can wash up to 2kg of laundry. Perfect if you need something washed quickly. The machine has the capability to wash and dry in one continuous cycle, so no need to stop what you are doing. I am also really impressed by the high speed functionality as it removes any excess water which saves on drying time too. I have used the machine every day since it was delivered and I love how much I can do and how little I have to do. With all this extra time, I can really focus on spending quality time with my family.

I love the digital display as you see exactly how long you have left on the cycle. Its really easy to navigate around too.

The low noise function is an absolute luxury. It feels strange not to have a machine which virtually moves a foot across the floor, when it goes into high speed spin.

One of the main reasons why we switched was to find a more energy efficient machine. In the back of my mind, I was concerned that using less energy may mean that it is less effective but that is simply not the case. The machine is an energy efficiency category A, which it is great for the environment and in reducing our energy bills.

Lastly, the wool program is one that needs to be shouted about. Now our winter wardrobe is out, the pressure is on not to wash our woolen knits without shrinking them. Thankfully, Beko’s Wool Program sets the ideal temperature, drum movement and drying cycle to offer better care to your woolen knits to help them last longer.

I am really happy with our new Beko washer dryer. It is made for family life. Our laundry is done in half the time, with no need to rewash, we have saved money on our bills and are using less energy.  So win win.

Disclosure: The washing machine, installation costs and delivery fees were compliments of Beko for purposes of this review. All opinions within this article remain my own.

Beko are working in partnership with Barnardos to help vulnerable families in the UK. To find out more about the amazing work they have done, please click here

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