Regain Your Pre-Natal Body Confidence With F45 Wandsworth


Regain Your Pre-Natal Body Confidence With F45 Wandsworth


Over the past few weeks, I have been waking up with the birds and hitting the gym. After the summer, I was keen to find a sustainable exercise routine which would help me regain my pre-natal body confidence. So after a little research, I decided to take the plunge and sign up to Australian Fitness trend F45 in Wandsworth.

F45 is short for function 45, which is 45 minutes of high intensity circuit style training. Usually those three words ‘high intensity and circuits’ would have me running to nearest sweet shop, but after six weeks of training I’m hooked. Infact, I was hooked after my first session. I’m not going to lie, it is intense but the pace of the class moves so quickly that you don’t have time think or ‘clock-watch’, as its all about moving rather than dreading.

Each class starts off with a demonstration of the circuit. Then you go straight into a warm up. During the warm up you are given a number which signifies the workout station of your first exercise. Once the warm up is over, the DJ starts playing the tunes and you are straight into the first set. Did I mention that F45 have a resident DJ playing good music. Yes a DJ!

Going back to the workouts. I have a memory like a sieve but thankfully the studio is filled with swanky flat screen TV’s, which feature virtual trainers demonstrating the exercise of each station, leaving you with no excuse but to move.

F45 has a great social element too. Friendships are forged really quickly and everyone supports each other. There is a real mix of people from beginners to pros, parents & singles yet everyone is equal. It has a really positive energy with tons of morale. I always panic that I will be ‘that person’ that everyone stares at. Thankfully, no one cares about your wobbly bits or your Sweaty Betty leggings from circa 2015, it is all about working out as a team.


Here I am on day 1 of training, with the lovely Dean from F45

I love all the trainers; they are friendly, knowledgeable and always happy to provide help or offer advice where needed. When I first joined Dean, the gym manager made an effort to find out abit about me and has made me feel at ease during every class. He understands what I want to achieve and has offered some practical advice about what classes would be most effective. He has also made some not so obvious suggestion to my diet too.

F45 as a concept is addictive; Firstly its fun and the feel good factor is automatic – I actually look forward to each class. I train three days per week but I want to increase it just because I enjoy it so much. Last week, I trained with a lady who told me that she completed five sessions in five days, she said she could not get enough of it.

You work every inch of your body so the results appear much quicker than I have ever experienced.

Since I started, I have found that I sleep better, I have tons more energy and I feel happier in myself. I still have a lot of work to do but I am starting to love and appreciate my body more than ever.

Weekday classes start from 6am, with the last class scheduled at 7.20pm. I usually attend the 6am session and I am home just as my husband and kids wake up, so it fits in nicely to my day. I have found that the classes at 9am and at 12.30pm tend to be less busy and are perfect if you are looking to work out in a smaller group.

Before I sign off, the bathrooms are to die for, think a smaller version of the Mandarin Hotel, Knightsbridge. Go and check them out.

Click here if you wish to find out more about F45 in Wandsworth.



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