Why I Went Unsociably Rogue

I left the virtual office and went unsociably rogue for a few days. I admit, I did dip back to social media as a partial bystander and only for a few minutes at a time. I knew if it was anything more, then it would distract me from my real job as a Mother

So why did I go rogue? Well I didn’t take a break to cleanse my mind or create a reason to be missed. I actually like social media, I love I that it’s a place to share thoughts and gain support. I love being inspired by the fashionistas, the boss mamas, the comedy ones, the ones with a message and the real life mamas who show the warts & all approach to parenting. The parent blogging community seriously rocks regardless of how the story is told.

So without going into too much detail, one of my children was in hospital. It was a pretty emotional time if I’m honest and not one I wanted to share.

Fast forward to now and I’m pleased to say our little fighter is over the worst of it. It’s amazing how responsive the nurses and doctors were at St George’s hospital in Tooting. We couldn’t have asked for better care. Every single doctor, nurse esp the nurses, the porters, the cleaners, the kitchen staff, the reception staff, the volunteers deserves a medal, big phat pay rises and better working hours. They are angels without wings. We are so grateful for all that was done for us. Our baby is finally smiling now thanks to them.

So now you can see why I wasn’t sociable. Real life before the squares and all that.


The Curious Mummy x

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