Koru Kids After School Service Event

imageFinn, Livvy and I, were invited to celebrate the launch of Koru Kids After School Service. Koru Kids is a nanny share service which matches families with the ideal nanny based on what the family are looking for and their postcode.


Koru Kids new After School Service does what it says on the tin, finds permanent nannies for afternoon care. I remember when we were searching for a nanny; One thing that stood out on a lot of the CV’s we received, were the number of jobs a nanny would have on his/her employment history. In my naive mind, I thought a nanny would work with a family up until the children where half way through secondary school education but the realities are different. Understandably some nannies want permanent full time work, leaving a huge gap for after school care.


Koru Kids have launched a service giving families the security of a trusted, trained and experience nanny to work those hours at an affordable cost. The nannies at today’s event were just lovely. They were brilliant with the children. Every child seemed to be having so much fun.

The service is a really well though out childcare concept for modern working families.

Whilst the kids were being looked after by the Koru Nannies, us parents had the opportunity to sample a CPR training session similar to one which a qualified Koru Nanny would take part in. The session was so enlightening, immensely informative and super thorough. (Please head over to my Instagram Live Stories to see part of the session).

Thank you Koru Kids for a wonderful morning. We loved hearing about Koru’s story and we look forward to using your service in the future when I eventually go back to the day job. It was also lovely catching up with the Mummies too.

To find out more about Koru Kids, head to www.Korukids.co.uk or to keep up with all the latest news check out Koru Kids Instagram pages.

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