Newbie: Swedish Lifestyle Children’s Brand


Little Olivia and I were invited to the UK launch of Swedish children’s lifestyle brand Newbie. Newbie offers sustainable, timeless and affordable fashion for 0-8 year olds.


They pride themselves on producing high quality lines made from 100% sustainable, organic and recycled materials. Newbie’s garments are made to be re-used and inherited for generations which I love.

Fashion and practical conscience parents everywhere will love this brand.

With Olivia in tow, we darted straight to the girls collection. There were so many printed dresses, skirts, trumpet sleeve blouses, woolen cardi’s, floral tops and leggings with patten bows. The girls A/W17 collection is inspired by a traditional English garden and features countryside animals. The whimsical fairy-tale tone of each garment is set in a classic colour palette of dark pinks, blues, browns, lilacs, greens and muted stone. I was struck by the beautiful Christmas collection which uses a grey, rhubarb red and white palette, heavily influenced by the christmas traditions we all know and love.

The boys collection was filled with caps, jackets, jumpers, dungarees, jogging trousers and caps. I could imagine my son Finn in every single piece from the range. I loved the new ‘Man’s Best Friend’ inspired collection, which is peppered with a classic colour palette of burgundy, brown, forest green and blue tones taking inspiration from the Scandinavian landscape.

As well as clothing, Newbie also produces accessories, shoes, blankets and soft toys all linked to the themes of the collections. Olivia was particularly taken with the Newbie bunny. Since the launch, the bunny has been a firm fixture in the Curious household.


With Newbie’s pop up shop in London’s Chelsea and its premium quality collection, I presumed the price tag would be high-end too. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Newbie is hugely affordable, with prices starting from just £5.

Newbie will be opening at the following locations;

  • 121 Sydney Street, Chelsea
  • Richmond – November 2017  launch
  • Kingston – December 2017

If you don’t live near by, then the online shop is now open newbiestores

To keep up with all the latest lines, be sure to check out Newbie’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

Thank you Newbie for a wonderful afternoon. We enjoyed hearing about Newbie’s story and how you came up with your current collection. We look forward to making Newbie a key feature within both Finley and Olivia’s wardrobe.


The Curious Mummy x

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