How To Autumn Proof Your Changing Bag


The seasons are changing and its time to go into autumn mode..chunky knits, hearty meals and updating the contents of your Mum Armour – The Changing Bag. As a Mum of two young children, being prepared is a must come rain or shine.  So here are my five top hacks to autumn proofing your Changing Bag.

Waterproofs & Wellies

If your children are obsessed with muddy puddles or rolling down hills, then waterproofs and wellies are an essential piece of kit. After abit of research, here are a few must-haves to keeping your kiddiwinks dry this autumn

Finn’s Wardrobe

Muddy Puddles                               Jojo Mama Bebe

 Next                                  Boden                            Frugi

Livvy’s Wardrobe

Next                        Muddy Puddles                Jojo Mama Bebe

John Lewis                            Boden                             Frugi


On windy days, hats, scarfs and mittens are the best protection against the elements. So here are our must have for Autumn & Winter 2017.

Finn’s Wardrobe

The Little Style House

Oliviers Baby       Marks & Spencers         Jojo Mama Bebe

Livvy’s Wardrobe

The Little Style House                                       Next

Marks & Spencers                                       H&M


Whether you’re singing in the rain or hiding away from an autumn shower, carrying an umbrella is essential. The Curious Team, have discovered some great umbrella’s to put in your mama bag.

For the Mamas & Papas

Birdcage Image

Compact Windproof Umbrella Fulton (In my opinion, these umbrella’s are the best on the market. I have owned mine for two years and I never leave home without one)

Finn & Livvy

Change Colour Umbrella Jojo Mama Bebe (The novelty of an umbrella is further reinforced as it changes colour with the rain. Every morning, Finn will ask if its raining, just so he can take his Jojo Mama Bebe umbrella out.


Like breadsticks and rice cakes, handwash is a basic essential for a changing bag. Finn and his buddies love to pick up leaves, conkers, acorns so handwash is a must for keeping him clean.

Mucky Pups                                          Jackson Reece


Never leave home without a hand and/or lip cream, so here are my two favourite of the moment.

Lano for Lips and Hands Net-a-porter                    Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream

I hope you enjoyed our must-haves for autumn.  I would love to hear your favourites so please leave me a message or drop me an email.

Please note, this article was no way affiliated, sponsored or linked to any of the brands featured.

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