Pizza Party

I was recently invited to Pizza Express’, newly revamped restaurant in London’s White City. I was amazed by it’s stylish new decor, which is bright, bold and exuberant; with its contemporary flooring, pendant lighting, a welcoming new bar and a dedicated desserts area. It was decorated with abstract artwork, inspired by the 1908 Olympics which coincidentally were held at White City Stadium over a century ago. The chef area had all the hallmarks of a modern pizzeria which was thrilling as you were able to see your meal being made from start to finish, plus great for a little people watching too.

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by the maitre’d and was kindly shown to my seat. I was presented with a glass of fizz and some yummy dough balls. The evening began with the hostess explaining we would be given a Pizza making masterclass using their very special recipe.

Excitedly, I washed my hands and then set to work on kneading the dough. Who knew making the perfect base would be so difficult, after three attempts I had finally mastered it and was ready for my favourite stage, topping time. There were no rules to the toppings, it was more of a question of adding what you like the taste of. Everything looked so fresh and appetizing. I went for a pepperoni, chicken, spinach pizza toppped with goat cheese. Once the pizzas were created, they were placed in the pizza oven to cook.

Throughout the masterclass, the party hostess was fun and engaging which really added an enjoyable layer to the night.

In the meantime, we were shown back to our seats and our glasses were topped up. We chatted happily until our pizzas arrived, which tasted delicious. Sadly for me, I had no room for the array of mouth watering desserts. So I’ll definitely make an appointment to come back again!

Thank you so much Pizza Express for such a wonderful evening. Such a great way to spend time with friends. Who knew that pizza-making parties for adults could be so much fun.

For more information about the Pizza Express Making Party, please see information below.


PizzaExpress White City, Westfield Shopping Centre, Ariel Way, White City, London, W12 7GF. Tel. 0208 749 1500.


twitter    @PizzaExpress

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