The Curious Mummy Adventures: Kew the summer holidays

K E W  G A R D E N S

Before becoming a Mother, my associations with Kew Gardens were romantic picnics and music festivals. Fast forward three years and the carefree days of single life has been replaced with charging from one activity to another in a bid to create fun and positive experiences, which Finn and Olivia can both enjoy.

Kew Garden has so much to see and do and can be as calm and carefree as you want it (well as much as it can be with a 3 year old and a 13 month old) It’s a family day out which will not disappoint and here are the reasons why we love it:
1) CREEPERS & CRAWLERS – The perfect indoor sensory experience (for 1 yrs & up)

2) THE LOG TRAIL outdoor playground is great for little explorers. For 3yrs & up. 30mins here are you’ll need a big sit down afterwards. Thankfully the restaurant and ice-cream shop are only yards away. ‘Kew’ the coffee!

3) The HIVE is 17 metre interactive installation, with mind blowing visual & audio effects (Finn pictured here loved it).

4) The famous TREETOP WALK is a favourite.
It’s a must do activity if the weather is good.

5) PICNIC – Take a picnic but beware of the wildlife. The Canadian Geese are not shy if you let them get close enough.


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