Why We Love Andy Pandy Kids

Lets talk about nappies, diapers, potty pants?! Whatever you call them, they are an essential part of your baby kit and without them…well lets not go there. So how much do you really know about them? The truth is, being a practical Mummy Juggler, my research consisted of;

  • Do they keep baby dry?
  • What are the leading brands?
  • What are my friends using?

Firstly nappies, do not come with an ingredients list, so you could be forgiven for 'going with' the market leader or going on the advice of a fellow mother. Secondly, if your baby stays relatively dry in their nappies then that's one less thing to think about, right?

Never did I ever consider that a nappy rash might be down to the chemicals used to make your baby's nappy. After lots of research we have recently switched to Andy Pandy Kids Nappies, who produce premium quality bamboo disposable nappies. These nappies are free from nasties such as Chlorine, Alcohol, Preservative, Latex, PVC, TBT, or Antioxidants and Phthalates. What a list! They are made from a fast growing renewal resource which means they are kinder to the environment. Plus they are biodegradable.

You are probably wondering if these nappies keep Olivia dry and the answer is yes. Olivia is able to sleep comfortably without waking up for a nappy change. There is also an indicator on the nappy to tell you if they are wet or not. The nappies have a 'moisture wicking & thermal regulating capabilities that keep your baby's skin dry & comfortable in hot or cold temperatures' so are much kinder to Olivia's sensitive skin.

If you follow my instastories, you will know Olivia is in the bum shuffling, crawling and climbing phase. The nappies appear to be super strong and we have had no leaks.


Now we have piece of mind that the nappies Olivia are using make her comfortable and are safe across all fronts, which makes me beyond happy. We are converts to this brand and would recommend to anyone.



The makers of Andy Pandy Kids have kindly offered to you a 10% discount. If you head to Amazon, they are currently on sale, so just enter this code MUMWITH2 at the checkout to receive an additional 10%. Please note, the discount is for a limited time only.

I have teamed up with Andy Pandy Kids for two lucky winners to receive a pack of nappies, so head over to my instagram on Monday 31st July to enter. Good Luck and thank you for reading.




4 Replies to “Why We Love Andy Pandy Kids”

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  2. Wow! I had no idea there were so many awful chemicals in my babies nappies. Thank you so much for highlighting. We will definitely considering switching.

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