The Curious Review: Baby Preferred Teething Drool Pads


Aside from nappies and developmental milestones, teething has been a hot topic around my Instacoffee table with regular 3AM updates on Instastories and lots of coffee pictures across the Insta-grid. So I think its safe to say that we are in teething armageddon.

Okay, so it is not all sleepless nights and we have discovered a few ways to soothe this teething baby. On some days, Olivia just wants cuddles, so when we are out and about I tend to travel with her in a baby carrier. Often, this can leave the baby carrier quite soggy, where she has dribble or teethe on it. So when I was introduced to Baby Preferred, I can safely say that the soggy baby carrier days are firmly behind us.


These stylish baby carrier accessories are made to protect your baby carrier from teething babies. They are made with natural woven twill cotton and a waterproof lining to prevent your carrier from getting wet. The material is soft to touch which does not risk any irritation to Olivia’s skin. It is also durable enough for her to teethe on too.

I love that the covers are machine washable and dry super quickly. I usually machine wash the Baby Bjorn which can takes hours to dry. So it has saved me so much time.

From an aesthetic point of view, they are a nice way to brighten up a baby carrier and can be worn with anything or by anyone, even the hubster. I was also excited to discover that the little loop at the front is to hang a pacifier or toys from, so it is a great way to keep her entertained too.

Thank you Baby Preferred for creating such a stylish yet functional design. We couldn’t live without ours.

To find out more head to the website.



8 Replies to “The Curious Review: Baby Preferred Teething Drool Pads”

  1. I saw your Instagram stories yesterday and loved your video review on this. It looks so easy to use. I bet they make great gifts too. Emma xxx

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  2. Ahh the teething drool, my daughter is terrible and everything she comes into contact with is always wet. What a great idea. We will definitely add these to our list.

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