The Curious Team Eats: The Coconut Collaborative

Summer has truly landed and Team Curious Mummy is HOT HOT HOT. So when we were asked to review Coconut Collaborative Ice Creams, we couldn’t say no.

Coconut Collaborative make delicious ice cream with coconuts, which means their ice cream is diary free and suitable for vegans. I was excited to discover that it is made with only natural sugars so it is better for you & your little ones. It is also gluten and soya free. The real question is, how does it taste? I can honestly say yummy and very morish, we had to go back for second helpings. The outer layer is utterly delicious whether it be Chocolate or Mango. When you crack into the centre you have delicious creamy ice cream with a subtle coconut flavour, complimenting the outer layer.

The chocolate flavour was our initial favourite until we discovered the Mango. The Mango is really juicy and so refreshing. Especially on hot days like today.

As you know Olivia is only one year old and after recently tasting ice cream for the first time, she’s hooked. The Coconut Collaborative have thought of everything and have made Little Coco Nutters, which are the perfect size for little hands. Finley and Olivia love them.

Would I recommend them? Absolutely.

All or part of the Coconut Collaborative are available from retailers including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s,, Whole Foods and Co-op.

For more information, head to;

6 Replies to “The Curious Team Eats: The Coconut Collaborative”

  1. My son loves ice cream too but we can never find anything which is small enough for him to hold. We will definitely try Coconut Collaborative. Thanks for the review.

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