The Curious Review: Mama + Belle Teething Jewellery

teething 8

I love jewellery, who doesn’t? Even my teething tot is a fan but for other reasons, naturally. Infact, chunky necklaces or dangly arm candy shout GRAB ME to Olivia, so wearing such things are a thing of the past. Well that was until, I was asked by Mama + Belle to review their teething jewellery. At last a chance to feel like a stylish Mama again, with the added benefit for Olivia – YASSSS WIN WIN.

Mama + Belle sent me the Isla Blossom necklace; The beads on this gorgeous necklace are made from food grade silicone which means they are safe for your teething tot to chomp on. It is also the perfect size for teething gums or emerging teeth. We love that the necklace can be placed in the fridge and freezer, to create a cooling effect on sore gums. Plus on hot days like today, the cooling effect benefits me too.
The shape and size is perfect for little fingers to play with. Olivia is fascinated by hers; she loves pulling the beads, dropping them and picking them up.

If like me, you are new to teething jewellery, the biggest benefit is the convenience. I usually over load the changing bag with tons of teething paraphernalia but now I don’t have too. Plus it can be washed in the dishwasher and sterilised too.

Now for the style bit, the necklaces come in a vast array of colours and styles, so there really is something for everyone. The Isla Blossom necklace goes with most of my wardrobe including the key Mummy staple ‘The Breton Stripe’.
If you would like to win a Mama + Belle Necklace, click on the link Mama and belle/curious mummy

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