My 14 Days with Lean Mums


It has been 14 days since I undertook the “Mind Your Health” challenge and I feel great. The challenge was all about finding the time to exercise and eat well…and ultimately loose a few stubborn pounds. 

As a busy ‘Mummy Juggler’ of 2 children under the ages of 3 ¼years, you could say running after them should be enough. Well it turns out I’m a “grab food on the go” type of girl. Eating the odd left over fish finger or a half a packet of malt teasers isn’t going to hurt, right?? As for exercise, that seldom occurs unless I commit to booking a class. So a challenge like this was well overdue. 


To prepare for the challenge, I teamed up with Lean Mums to give me the necessary tools to make it happen. Lean Mums is a membership website, specifically designed to support the fitness and wellbeing of women from the beginning of their journey into motherhood and beyond. Lean Mums has a great selection of exercise videos, which can be used at your own pace and time. The videos are broken down by level (easy, medium, hard) and range between 5-10-15mins in duration so you can mix and max your workout depending on your time and ability. Some workouts are HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and some concentrate on toning. All guaranteed to leave you feeling hot and sweaty. The videos are warm and friendly so you feel like you are working out with a buddy too.

When I started the challenge, one of my personal goals was to make exercise a habit. Easier said than done, right?! To make this work, I used the exercise videos during naptime, which meant I didn’t have to trek to a gym or find childcare. I was initially worried that I would need lots of equipment but it isn’t the case. The videos are designed for you do in the comfort of your own home, so no need for a step up bench or expensive weights. You can use a dining room chair, bottles of water, tins of beans or dumbbells if you have them. 

There are tons of delicious family friendly recipes which are super healthy and easy to make. The salmon & feta cheese salad is definitely a lunch time favourite for us. Lean Mums also has a selection of healthy snacks, perfect if you need a sweet treat. My favourite is the Banana & Oat Bites with Almonds and Choc Chucks. They is so delicious.

As well as all the great recipes and workouts, there is a Lean Mums online community on the site and on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to share your journey and gain support from other members too. 

So you’re all probably wondering how I got on over the last 15 days. Well I am proud to say I have lost weight. I managed to shift those pesky 5lbs which I found impossible to shed after the birth of baby number 1. If I wasn’t sitting on my laptop writing this post, I would be doing a doing a celebratory dance around my kitchen right now.

For me, self-discipline was the biggest factor. Using Lean Mums took the thinking out meal times. So all I needed to focus on was when I was going to exercise, which I was able to do around the children. It is amazing how you can make time for these things when you are focused and have the right tools. Admittedly, I did have a moment of weakness during the end of the first week but it didn’t stop me from carrying on. I am now in my third week and I’m feeling positive about maintaining my new habits for the future.

If you want to learn more about Lean Mums, head to the website:


Lean Mums is also social and can be found on:


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Lean Mums are giving The Curious Life of a Mummy readers their first month free. Please insert FREEMONTH17 at the checkout.

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