Things to do with Two: Baby Broadway

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The Baby Broadway Review

How do you entertain a three year old and a ten month old? I ask myself this question on a weekly basis. Finding an activity which appeals to both of them can be impossible. So when I stumbled across Baby Broadway – A series of family concerts across London playing either showtunes performed by west end performers or gospel music performed by a gospel choir. I couldn’t resist trying it out.

Baby Broadway

The first concert we attended was Baby Gospel at The Methodist Church in Balham. It was the most uplifting and relaxing activity we have ever done together as a family. The performers truly captivated every single member of the audience with their voices and personality. They played a mix of soul, motown and gospel music which we all sang and swayed along too. Finley made good use of the church aisle (where the event was held) and danced up and down them without a care in the world, whilst Olivia sat clapping away. The children were happy and I was relaxed. As we left, we had a kick in our step, music in our ears and the biggest smiles on our faces.


After a fantastic experience at Baby Gospel, we decided to try Baby Broadway.  Baby Broadway is a complete guilty pleasure, with so many feel good show stopping tunes. From Grease, to Annie, to the Spice Girls to Frozen, there really was something for everyone. Both Finley and Olivia had tons of fun and were left wanting more.

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We loved our experiences at Baby Broadway and would encourage any parent with one, two or more to head to the next event.  There are no rules apart from to enjoy the music and to have fun. To find out more about Baby Broadway, click on the links below.

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To watch us in action at Baby Broadway, head over to my instagram and Facebook pages to see the videos.


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