Big Fish Little Fish Baby Rave

The music is blaring, our shoulders are shuffling and we are about to enter into our first baby rave. We instantly feel cool as we headbob our way to the top of the queue, we’re presented with glow sticks, which the kids love and asked what our names are for the guest list. It is tooo much!! Get me in there, I want to dance like its 1999!

We cruise across the dance floor and find an area for a little shimmy* (*dance). The atmosphere is electric. Finley is beginning to work up an appetite, so we decide to leave the ‘main room’ and explore what else BFLF Events have to offer. We walk pass the DJ booth on our way to a cake stall. That’s the energy boast sorted, now onto the next room.

As we enter, we step into activity heaven. We spot a photobooth with a dressing up box, a craft table, a colouring wall mural, face painting, an open dance floor with a glitter ball and a tattoo transfer table…Whilst Finley darts straight to the craft table to decorate a mask, Mr J found an activity close to his heart – The bar. That’s the boys happy, now for Olivia. The ‘Chill Out’ room was like a mini soft play area. Olivia was in her element, surrounded by ball pits, tents, mats, balloons and other babies. Whilst all this was going on, I was reminiscing over the playlist. Each time a new song came on, I had to stop myself from saying “I love this tune” out loud although I’m sure I wouldn’t be alone.

After exhausting all activities we returned to the main room for one final shoulder shimmy and abit of balloon crowd surfing. Finley sat firmly on Mr J’s shoulder, preventing him from showing off his finest Dad dancing moves. What a relief for us all. Olivia enjoyed waving her arms in the air to catch the glitter falling from the DJ booth and I was happy to be out with my family at an event which we all enjoyed.



If you are interested in attending BFLF Events head to their website, where you can find details of their latest events.


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