Shining the Sprinkles on Being A Mumpreneur

Picture Source: @runnerkimhall
Across the month of February, I have been shining the sprinkles on the Mumpreneur. A woman who sets up her own business whilst raising a family. A new breed of Mum who is doing it for herself.

With so many Mothers setting up a business from their kitchen table, here are a few tips on starting out:

  • Find a gap in the market. A brilliant example of this is Nurturing Mums. A genius idea which turned into a reality for new Mum Lucinda Hutton. The course offers postnatal support and advice on sleep, routines, weaning and first aid. The course has a lovely sociable element which brings new mums together. Perfect if you missed out on any pre-natal course or if reading a baby manual is slightly mind blowing on no or little sleep
  • Be passionate. If you want others to believe in your idea then you need to be the first to believe it. Quite often passion comes out of something that we have experienced, an interest or a skill. A Mumpreneur that springs to mind is Annabel Karmel. Her spirit to create healthy tasty meals helped her to turn her passion into a reality. I love this video about her key ingredients to making it as a Mum Boss.
  • Research. Knowing and understanding your market is the only way you will drive the direction of your business and help it to flourish. It will also give you an insight into how to talk to your target audience. You do not need to spend thousands in uncovering the right information. Use the internet, host a focus group in your sitting room, create a facebook group and encourage people to comment. There are tons of ways to find out about your target market.
  • Make friends not contacts. Networking events – love them or hate them, they can be a great way to meet people. However they can be hugely daunting and may not be the most personal way of connecting with someone. With social media being such an direct playing field, why not make contact with someone you really want to connect with by dropping them an email, a tweet or an instapost and arrange a coffee. Its a great way to break barriers. That said, there are some brilliant events set up for parent bosses such as Tantrumxyz and Mother Meeting
  • Budget and be clear on your costs. A good friend of mine gave me a great piece of advice. Do not invest in unnecessary  costs until you start making money. She project managed the interior of a successful well known catering company on a complete shoe string.  In fact, the shoe string interior gave them an added layer of coolness and enabled them to invest in the right areas of the business.
  • Mentor. A mentor is a great sounding board to discuss ideas and help you see clarity. They do not necessarily need to be someone who is in the industry although that can be useful. It can be a friend,  a partner or a business coach. Just somebody who is willing to steer you out of a foggy patch, it should be someone who you prepared listen too.
  • Connect with your community: Do not underestimate the power of social media. It is the most powerful tool to enable a business to communicate directly with their customers. A friend of mine, tweeted a company when she was experiencing issues with her flight.The company responded immediately which in tern gave my friend the reassureness to stay brand loyal. There are hundreds of ways to connect with your community whether it is via social media, through charities and causes, events and the list goes on.
  • Planning and Execute. Planning is how you get your idea from conception to execution. Writing a business plan will help you navigate and develop your idea.Give you clarity and help you identify any weaknesses or threats. It can also be used to review any steps you have completed along the way.
  • There is no such thing as failure. Starting a business is like having a child, it needs time to grow and a great deal of patience. If you do not succeed straight away, try again but with a different angle.

Last but not least, thank you for reading and the best of luck!

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