Nurturing Mums UK Course

When you have your second baby, you think you know it all but the reality is, your brain has turned to mush and every baby is different. By the time you realise this, reading the instruction manual (Baby Week by Week, Gina Ford or The Baby Whisperer et al) has gone out of the window and you face the prospect of managing the ever growing needs of a newborn as well as juggling baby number one.

I shamelessly, trawled the internet in search of the answer and I discovered Nurturing Mums. A post natal course designed for Mums or Dads by a Mummy herself. The course covers a wide variety of topics which include sleep and routines, First Aid, weaning and baby development. Each session is set in a relaxed and friendly environment, making you feel completely at ease, to enable you to get the best out of it.

As I had not slept for the past four months, I was looking forward to “sleep and routine” session. The information was so easy to understand, with practical advice that I was able to action with immediate results. I can now say, I have a very happy and contented baby who sleeps through the night and controlled crying was not used at all. Hooray.

The First Aid course, was just brilliant providing basic life saving and first aid techniques as well as the confidence to know what to do if you are ever faced with such a situation.

As the owner of a fussy eating toddler; I was keen to hear the advice at the weaning session. At the time, Olivia was in the primary stages of weaning but it’s never too late to hear some professional advice. The session was hugely informative, with lots of ideas on how to make weaning fun. I am even able to apply some of it to my toddler. Bonus.

The last session focused on development play, which Olivia loved – flashing lights, new toys, new themes and lots of singing, what’s not to love. She enjoyed it so much she was exhausted by the end of the session and slept soundly on the way home.

The course had some lovely added touches which really made the experience an enjoyable one. I particularly loved the mini Mother & Baby shoot. It was so nice to have a few natural pictures of the two of us which are not selfies.

As well as all the practical advice, it was great to meet some local mums and some new buddies for Olivia too.

While the course may appeal to first time mums, I would say it is relevant to first, second or third time mummy’s too or Daddy’s. Every parent should have the opportunity to take part in this course, it’s fun, informative and friendly.

A big high fives to you Nurturing Mums, you’ve made life a lot easier.

Olivia and I like to coordinate where possible. I decided against the tutu today.


If you wish to book a place on the course, please enter in DONNACLOAM at the checkout to receive a 10% discount.

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