Children’s Art Galleries

As I gaze outside the kitchen window and I watch the sunshine through the rain. Finley grabs my attention by saying its perfect weather for “jumping in muddy puddles” but as we listen to the weather report on the radio it’s definitely too cold to leave as the house. Minus six, brrrrrh. So how do I entertain the energetic toddler who is planning their escape route into the outside world. I know “let’s do some “painting” I cry in a high pitched smiley voice. Operation ‘escape the house in search of muddy puddles’ has been aborted as Finley scrambles to sit on a chair, whilst I grab the art box. Within seconds of laying out pencils, paints, glue, poms poms, stickers, streamers, coloured paper, foil, chalk, the list goes on. Finley gets to work. 

An hour has past and he has created six master pieces, all with their own meaning. He uses his favourite colours of the moment and tells me about each of his works of art. I love them all. What an imagination! “And this picture is of furry eyed monster and this is a map of muddy puddles” he tells me. 
As always, one will go on the fridge and the rest will be stored away in his memory box. I should add at this point that his memory box is bursting at the seams. Part of me should be ruthless and assign some of them to the recycling bin but the sentimental part of me wants to save everything. Some may say ‘hoarder’ and I might agree.
So when I discovered Children’s Art Galleries, I wanted to tell the world. Children’s Art Galleries is an online space for parents to showcase their children’s art or letters or anything that your child has created. Galleries are set up as open so you can invite grandparents, friends or godparents access to see your mini Picasso’s creations. Their work is also available for others across the world to see. I absolutely love the idea that this website is supporting and encouraging art among young people. Finley was so excited when I showed him his work on the ‘iPad’. He was so proud and wanted to create more. Incentivised he went on to create “A bear named Arthur Roxby” (named after our Elf on the shelf) and “space”.

The website, is totally user friendly and allows you to share via Facebook, twitter or email too.
Later on in the year, there is an opportunity to create a printed picture album which would make a wonderful keepsake or present for a loved one. There is an annual membership for a nominal fee of £3. For more information head to

Product review by The Curious Life of a Mummy for Childrens Art Galleries

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