These Shoes Are Made For Walking

When I was a child, my local high street had two shoes shops, each with a dedicated section for children.

Shop number one had a ample shoe collection with a high end price tag. Where I would often hear the phrase “make sure she has enough room to grow into them”. Which translates as “they are so expensive, buy the next size up so they last until her next birthday”. Leaving me to line my new shoes with atleast two inner soles so my feet wouldn’t fall out.

Shop number two had a shoe collection to make any fashionista wince, however it’s trusty foot measuring machine gave you the assurance that you were buying a shoe which would allow your children’s feet to grow safely. Following in my parents footsteps, I naively purchased Finley’s first shoes from shop number two. Putting my trendy tot through the same fashion shaming as my childhood. I later vowed to never to repeat this mistake again.

Taking some learnings from my parents, I vowed to ensure my children would be inner sole free (unless required) and would only enter into the foot measuring shop if it was the last resort.

Living in nappy valley, the streets are lined with an abundance of shops dedicated to childrens footwear, not to mention all the amazing retailers on the Internet. Giving me a plethora of choice for my trendy tots. Meaning Finley and Olivia can proudly wear a fashionable shoe without compromising the development of their foot growth. Hoorah! The finally the shoe horrors of my childhood can stay in the past.

I was recently introduced to a wonderful children’s shoe maker called Caminito Shoes. This company handcrafts and designs a beautiful collection of both classic and trendy footwear. The variety of shoes is endless, with an array of styles and colours to suit every occasion. The quality is of a high standard and the durability is built with even the most energetic mover in mind. As a mother, Caminito Shoes delivers on every expectation I have for my children’s shoes. Allowing their feet to grow without the need of an inner sole. Made with natural Spanish materials you are assured your children’s feet can breath in best way possible.

It is also worth mentioning that the customer service at Caminito Shoes is impeccable. The staff are warm and friendly and are willing to help in anyway they can. It’s five star service for five shoe shoes.

As a Mummy with high expectations for my children’s foot wear, I would highly recommend Caminito Shoes to all of my friends, family and followers. The company is based in Alicante in Spain and are happy deliver worldwide.

Please visit to view their collection.

Product review by The Curious Life of a Mummy for Caminito Shoes

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