These Shoes Are Made For Walking

When I was a child, my local high street had two shoes shops, each with a dedicated section for children. Shop number one had a ample shoe collection with a high end price tag. Where I would often hear the phrase "make sure she has enough room to grow into them". Which translates as "they …


Club Hub UK; Mummy Armour

The Curious Mummy

Being a mummy to an energetic two year old comes with its challenges. So keeping him entertained is paramount to my day.

When I left work to become a full time Mummy, I would spent hours searching the Internet to find groups and clubs for him to attend. The dread of half term would mean relying on good weather or going to places which weren’t over run by tweenagers.

In my hours of research I stumbled across this fantastic app called Club Hub Uk. Club Hub allows you to search for local activities and clubs in your area based on your child’s age and location. Can you imagine having that source of information at your finger tips. Meaning you would have more time for other things – AMAZING.

The app is nationwide so doesn’t just apply to the mummy’s of London, which is great if your staycationing or if your…

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