Sandy Gates and Chips

Sandy Gates & Chips
After Brexit, Boris’ appointment as Foreign Secretary and Corbin stubbornness to hold on to his red crown, the UK were due some good news. So with the promise of a heatwave, Mr J turned off his computer and we decided to head to the beach. Brighton is usually a firm favourite for Londoners, however this Londoner wanted to try somewhere new. Norfolk was high on the list but travel time with a hungry newborn and a toddler put us off so we instead thought we would check out my childhood favourite beach MARGATE. Within easy reach of London, this hidden gem is only an hour on the train from London or ninty minutes in the car.
On our arrival I expected to see the beaches lined with decorated donkeys and candy floss being sold on every corner but this was not the case.
Being a big artsy fan of Tracey Emin, I know this seaside town had been touch with gentrification but didn’t realise how much. With trendy boutiques and eateries replacing arcades and ‘chippies’ it is slowly becoming a shadow of what it use to be in the eighties. Yet the beach still retains its beauty of how I remembered it as a child.
After failing to secure a room at the trendy ‘Sands Hotel’ in Margate. We decided nothing less than luxury and trendiness will do. After abit of research, we discovered The Albion House Hotel in Ramsgate (which is less than a ten minute drive from Margate). It’s unbelievable that such a hotel exists outside London. It has the warm & friendliness of an outter town hotel yet it’s stylish & well thought out design feels like it belongs in the pages of Conde Nast Traveller or Elle Interiors magazine. Even the room fans were Dyson branded.
The food mirrored the contemporary design of the hotel with a flavoursome menu to make any palate water. We were impressed with each & every course.
The hotel is less than a five minute walk away from the beach. The beach was less crowded & touristy than Margate, which with a overworked husband, an adventurous toddler and a newborn it was the perfect place to unwind.

The hotel over looks the Harbour and is sat on the edge of town. So its positioning couldn’t be more convenient for a young family.

Staying here made our experience of Ramsgate an pleasurable one and we will return again. Who needs trendy Margate when you have the beauty of Ramsgate and the super luxe of Albion House Hotel.

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