Introducing the Baby Behind The Bump

As you all know, I was enormous by Week 40 of pregnancy. Being very slight in stature even the simplest of tasks were becoming difficult. I was convinced I was carrying twins yet my lovely midwife said  “the baby isn’t big, it’s most likely to weigh around 8lbs and a few pence”. I figured perhaps fat & water were the culprits so decided to enjoy my last few days of pregnancy. The baby’s due date had arrived and I felt more relaxed than ever. In the morning I saw the midwife and in the afternoon we had arranged a play date with one of the local mums.

By mid afternoon, I started to get mild cramps. I text my Mum & my two best friends to see if they thought it was the start. All suggested it might be and I was to rest. These niggles carried on for 12 hours then the mucus plug came away and then they stopped.

As I was induced in my first pregnancy, I had no idea what ‘natural labour’ felt like.

Two days had past all was quiet on the western front. I had scoured the Internet to see if this was A) Normal, B) If this was normal in twins and C) Any tips to restart the labour again.

After a hot curry, a couple of long walks and a few hands stands (the first two are true but the last one isn’t), I decided to accept that the baby will arrive when it’s ready. It was 4am on a Sunday morning and that lovely niggling pain was back and was getting stronger and stronger with each contraction. I decided the best way to relax was to watch TV. So I tuned into the latest series of Orange Is The New Black.

As the contractions become more regular, I decided to use a tens machine and hypnobirthing method – both really helped, then when the midwife arrived I began to use the gas & air. Looking back, I’m unsure if it really helped or was just a mild distraction which made me sick.

I tried to stay for as long as possible at home but I was physically exhausted and needed stronger pain relief so I was taken to hospital and given an epidural. Fast forward a few hours and I gave birth to A GIRL who weighed a WHOPPING 9lbs 4oz (4.196 kgs). We were delighted and couldn’t be more in love. At last our family is complete.

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