Baby Shower

Baby Shower according into the Urban Dictionary

“An event where loved ones, family and friends get to spend time with prospective parents, impart supportive wishes and advice and generally make sure that the parents to be realise that everything is still totally cool”
11 years ago when one of my best friends had her first child, the concept of a baby shower was completely unheard of unless you were watching an US sitcom. Fast forward 11 years and a baby shower is now a right of passage on most mothers pregnancy journeys. As a fairly new concept what are the rules of such an event? Who do you invite? Is it a cringey compulsory gift giving ceremony? Can you have another shower if you are on your second, third, fourth, fifth pregnancy, do you invite your partner and his buddies, after all his night outs are going to limited too, right?
Like wearing a white wedding dress when you’ve in fact lost your virginity years before, I wasn’t sure if it was the “done thing” to organise a baby shower for baby number two. However I put my rational thinking cap on and realised that my boobs are going to be shackled to a tiny baby for the next few months meaning limited nights out and no alcohol. So maybe this soirée is the perfect way to get my closet girlfriends together.
My darling friend Laura volunteered to organise my special day. We discussed venue, guest list, gift list, activities, food & decor. During our brainstorming session, we considered a butler in the buff and soon realised that he would be surrounded by 30 something Mum’s who were happy to eat cake and goss. Rather than spend an afternoon staring at a twenty-something males bits. It felt like we were organising my hen do! We were brimming with excitement and couldn’t way to bring it all together.

With everything decided all I needed was an outfit-A virginal white dress?

What could go wrong? People love a get together and the naked butler was off the menu.
We decided from the beginning that the day was going to feature a no child policy. It was a risky strategy but it is rare that you start a conversation and end it with your sprogs are around? Or you spend the first five minutes developing your own language giving you the freedom to use naughty words in a conversation by substituting them for colouring pencils or zoo animals. Yes we have all seen that Sex & The City episode with Charlotte’s daughter Lily over brunch.

With all the plans confirmed. We were ready for the big event.

The night before the event, we dressed the walls & ceilings with Pom poms & bunting. We made goody bags filled with

  • a personalised candle from Seni Chic
  • A cake in a jar from G Desserts
  • Cake pops
  • Plastic baby bottles filled with love hearts and Haribo milk bottle sweets
  • Created popcorn bags tied with a pastel coloured ribbon and decorated with a personalised sticker with my name on it & the date of the baby shower.
  • We later added a piece of the baby shower cake

The night before we dressed the table so it was ready for food and party games.
On the day, we laid out the food, cultivated a cake stand and a biscuit stand. We also created a drinks station and made the food.

Here are a few pictures from the day.

The day was a great success with the last guest leaving at 10pm. It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.
So Yummy Mummy’s To-Be put all your preconceptions about baby showers aside and just go for it. It’s just a great excuse to spend the afternoon with your favourite girls.

7 Replies to “Baby Shower”

  1. Aww looks like you had a great day! I had a baby shower with my second, organised by my sister, it was so nice having those close to me with lots of laughs and food! Congratulations I saw you had your baby girl hope all is going well..enjoy every moment X

    Pinar xo

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