Preparing for Labour Day

With 3 weeks to go until baby number 2 arrives, I thought I’d put  finger to keyboard and make a list of all the things I need to consider before labour day.
1. Decide on a birthing plan. I’m seeing my lovely midwife today to discuss what I’d like to do. At present I’m planning a home birth so we need to consider

* Where in my house that would be.

* Whether I want a birthing pool (I’m going to give it a go with one of these beaus).

* What equipment I would need (I have a birthing pool from baby number 1-I have just received a new pool liner and a new non toxic hose). It might be time for the hubster to check to see if everything is working and dig out the rest of the equipment needed to make it happen ie Water proof sheets (we bought shower covers to cover the floor & furniture), mirror, Thermometer, old sheets & towels, bed mats and any extras which will make the experience a comfortable one

* Pain relief-there isn’t much if you have it at home.

* Who will be there?

* Creating a playlist

* Using Hypnobirthing

* Load the fridge with goodies & COCONUT WATER
2. i. Pack a Hospital Bag – Just incase

2.ii. Order post birth essentials such as perineal cooling pads, tea tree oil, nipple cream, nipple pads, nursing bra, products or cabbage leaves to help with breast engorgement.
3. Practice Hypnobirthing

4. Familiarize Yourself with

Breastfeeding Basics
5. Familiarize Yourself the book

‘Baby Week By Week’
6. Routines? It’s impossible to

consider routines in the early

days as its all about going into

flight mode but babies often

have an algorithm so it’s good

to see what patterns you might

expect in terms of feeding &

nap times. This is particularly

important if you have a toddler

who already has a routine in



7. Sort, Wash & Iron All of Baby  Number 1 Clothes
8. Install Baby Number 2 Car Seat
9. Set Up Nursery – Not an essential as Baby Number 2 will be sleeping in my room for the first few month
10. Set up a changing station & create an essentials box in whatever room I am likely to spend most of my time in. The essentials box to  include;


• Muslins

• Wipes

• Nappies

• Bum Cream

• Anti bacterial gel

• Nipple Cream

• Nipple Pads

• Nipple Shields

• Book or Ipad

• Baby Carrier

11. Buy Thank You Cards

12. Cherish Every Moment of Being a family of three

For experienced Mummy’s, please feel free to add anything I have missed.

7 Replies to “Preparing for Labour Day”

      1. I think she used a couple but I can’t remember. I’m sure lavender was one of them as you can use it after in your breast pads and other pads! I’ll dig out my notes tomorrow to see if she listed them x

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