Cluster Feeding Chaos, Kim Kardashian and Mooing Mothers Pre Epidural 

After a rather interesting stay in hospital, the day had finally arrived for baby Finley and I to go home. I was knackered and couldn’t wait to get into my own bed. Plus I had spent months cultivating the perfect environment for a baby so family home here we come.

My parents and of course the hubster picked me up from the hospital and whisked me away from the horrors which had taken place a few days before (I’ll save going into detail as I’m sure no one needs to be reminded of their labour story).

I felt very Kim Kardashian with her entourage as I sashayed through the halls of the hospital. Knowing that I was leaving the madness of bonkers midwives, mooing mothers pre epidural and sleep deprived partners anxiously tapping away at their phones.

Finn was home, it was 7pm and we were all delighted. After tea, cake and some cooing, it was time for bed.
All three of us retired into a beautiful slumber at 9pm. We must have been asleep for an hour before Finn needed feeding. I didn’t mind because I was home and the breast feeding was going ok.

Fast track a few hours later and Finn was still feeding. I must have looked like a wild woman, I had no idea what was going on. Not one self help book had the answer. I thought to myself that can’t be the only new mother to be going through this.

When Finn seemed to be asleep, I would carefully put him down into his moses basket but he would wake instantly and cry until he was safely latched on to my boob.

It was now 3am and I had not properly slept in a week. In my desperation I called a breast feeding hotline but of course no hotline in the UK would be awake to take my call. I remember saying to the hubster that I wasn’t sure that I could do this anymore.

I put Finn down and walked into the garden for some fresh air and a cry. After about 2 mins, I returned to a settled Finn in the arms of his Daddy. I fed him again, put him in the cocoonababy and put it in the middle of the bed between the hubster and I. Yes we dabbled in a little co sleeping but it was the only way to get some sleep.

It was 6am and we got 3 hours straight sleep. What had happened??

Later that morning my wonderful midwife came over and told us that babies tend to cluster feed* to help the mothers milk come in. Also and this is a BIG TIP; hospitals tend to keep post natal wards super warm so help babies sleep. Of course our bedroom was not million degrees in temperature which explained EVERYTHING.

Later that day my milk came in and we all had a better nights sleep just in time for Mothers Day!

A Few Helpful Tips 

So new mummy’s just remember the following;

  •  Babies need cuddles. The warmth from a good cuddle on night one post hospital, could be the answers to your problems.
  • *Cluster feeding is the term used for long periods of breast feeding. Once your milk is in, your baby will feed until they are full which is quite often not hours on end
  • Your not alone, toss those self help books away and head to Twitter, forums or Mummy blogs. There are hundreds or I mean millions of us out there who are going through or have gone through what you are experiencing and are more than likely awake to give you some comfort.
  • Try to relax, babies sense everything.
  • Coconut water is my favourite rehydration remedy. You’ll need this and gallons of water if your breast feeding.
  • Lastly, you are doing brilliantly! You are a Mummy which is the greatest achievement ever. You are the centre of your baby’s universe, how amazing is that.
  • Actually not quite lastly. If you are awake for hours on end, there is always the dross of the Showbiz pages of the Daily Mail or TMZ to help you pass the time away.

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