Battersea Park Childrens Zoo

To say Finley LOVES animals is an understatement. Like many other 2 year olds the world over, Finley walks, talks and breaths the natural world. This week, I decided to encourage his obsession by taking him to Battersea Park Children’s Zoo.
The Zoo, is the perfect size for little legs to explore and marvel over the wondrous creatures who reside at this sweet haven.
The Zoo has an eclectic mix of animals from the more familiar animals which Finn easily recognised such as chickens, pigs and donkeys. Mixed in with more exotic animals such as Lemur, Meerkats, Wallabies and Monkeys which made the experience fascinating for him.

 The Zoo is designed in such a way that your child has the opportunity to get up close with the animals, with interactive enclosures, allocated feeding times and special events. If you have time, say hello to Ant and Dec the Emus.
The Zoo also has a large children’s playground which is the perfect way to exspell the last of their energies. With fire engines, sand pits, climbing frames, swings, tunnels-you name it Battersea Park Zoo have thought of it.
 We love this local Zoo and would recommend to anyone with small children.

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