The Deen City Farm, London

It’s 16 degrees in London and my little ankle biter is itching to get out of the house. So what better way to spend the morning than at The Deen City Farm in Merton Abbey.

We are frequent visitors to the farm as it’s easy to get too by tube (closet tube is Colliers Wood on the Northern Line), it has a great mix of animals which any toddler or child would recognise and it’s free (but you can make a donation either online or via the entrance).

Today, Finley met the lambs. He was obsessed by these friendly little balls of fluff. Of course we said hello to the pigs, chickens, turkeys, cows, horses, rabbits, birds, sheep and not forgetting our favourite little goat but the lambs were highlight of the day.

If you wanted to spend more time at the farm, they have a riding school (which I’m dying to take advantage of..for Finley of course) a great little cafe and a play area.

Just outside the farm is Morden Hall Park. With 125 acres of park land, this beautiful National Trust Park is the idea place for a picnic. It also has lots of fun activities to keep little adventurers occupied on a sunny spring day.

The Deen City Farm is a great step in country life. We love it and I recommend to everyone.

I wonder what they are talking about?

4 Replies to “The Deen City Farm, London”

  1. I saw your review on the Deen City Farm twitter feed. I’ve volunteered at the farm for the past 3 years, in the stables, and I know how hard all the staff and volunteers work, so it’s lovely when someone posts a nice review. Your little boy might be interested to know that DCF also has a Finley. He’s a little grey pony, very elderly at almost 30 years old, so he doesn’t give general pony rides to the public any more, but he does give rides to children who come to “own a pony” days during half terms & holidays.

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  2. I love this, I love taking my little one to a farm for the day, and she has just started to appreciate the animals properly. Our nearest one is £15 entry though, So how lucky are you!!

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