The Toddler That Pooped The..

It’s our first day back from a blissful few days in the sun and Finley has been an angel today. He ate all his breakfast, lunch and supper, there has been no hint at a major toddler tantrum and he did two pee’s in the potty. Feeling extremely proud of my son, I decided to let him have an extra long bath, with lots of bubbles.

After lots of splashing, he decides it would be funny to drink the bath water. So I ask him not to do it, then something catches my eye. It’s a TURD!!! Finley has SHIT the bath. It’s revolting and there is more than one of these brown little pebbles staring back at me. I instantly removing Finley from the bath and then burst into a fit of laughter. What he gives with one hand, he takes with another.

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