Travelling with a Toddler

Meet two year old Finn! This was him at eight thirty this morning as we boarded a flight to Mallorca. He was fascinated that we were sat in an aeroplane. We flew via Easyjet to Mallorca. As a frequent visitor to Mallorca we were thoroughly impressed by how efficient the service was at Gatwick. There was no waiting in long queues whilst parents were forced to try ‘bottled formula’ or trying to negotiate with the self service machines. We darted through in a blink of an eye with oodles of time to spare before the gate closed. Being time rich and credit card richer, I treated myself to a pair of Bvlgari sunglasses. Mr J would curse the efficiency of Gatwick improved service if he saw the price tag.

Tips on Travelling with a Toddler

• If you are still deciding where to travel, I would say short flights = less stress.

• Book an early morning flight. Toddlers are generally better in the morning, it also means you can bribe them with food/drink or they may want to carry on sleeping. If you are travelling long haul, a night flight is recommended.

• Buy the extra seat. Toddlers want to be mini adults so the extra seat will give them that independence plus you’ll have extra space to spread out.

• Pack lots of their favourite snacks.

• Create an activity pack to include; Colouring books & pencils (Aquadoodles are relatively mess free), Stickers, Small racing cars, aeroplanes Mini books

• Wrap up his/hers favourite book/toy. They will have fun opening it and will be surprised by the end result.

• Familiarity is the key so ensure you bring lots of his/her favourite toys. Finn’s ‘Charlie Bear’ Teddy comes with us everywhere!

• If in doubt download a collection of their favourite TV shows to an tablet or smartphone. You can download programmes from the BBC iPlayer. If like my son Pepper Pig is a firm favourite then you can ‘download to own’ up to 8 series of Pepper Pig from Amazon Prime. You will need an Amazon Prime account.

• To help ease the discomfort of ‘ears popping’ at ‘take off’ or ‘landing’, give them something to suck such as a ‘dummy’, drinking from a bottle, breast feed, drinking from a straw.

• Travel with friends or other family members. Last year we travelled with two other couples who had Toddlers of the same age. Sounds like a nightmare but it turned out to be a good flight. We ensured our seats were together and there were enough familiar faces for our little ones to feel comfortable and occupied.

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